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Production Process of Pink Guava Puree and Pink Guava Juice Concentrate

Guava purée

Guava purée is used in the manufacture of guava nectar, various juice drink blends and in the preparation of guava jam. The washed sound fruit is first passed through a chopper or slicer to break up the fruit and this material is fed into a pulper. The pulper will remove the seeds and fibrous pieces of tissue and force the reminder of the product through a perforated stainless steel screen. The holes in the screen should be between 0.033 and 0.045 in. The machine should be fed at a constant rate to ensure efficient operation.

The puréed material coming from the pulper is next passed through a finisher. The finisher is equipped with a screen containing holes of approximately 0.020 in. The finisher will remove the stone cells from the fruit and provide the optimum consistency to the product.

bulk pink guava juice concentrate production process

Perhaps the best way to preserve the bulk guava puree is by freezing and the material passing through the finisher can be packaged and frozen with no further treatment. It is not necessary to heat the product to inactivate enzymes or for other purposes. The material can be frozen in a number of types of cartons and cans; however, a fiber box with a plastic bag inside is commonly used and is probably the less expensive.

It is also possible to can and heat process the guava purée and this can be accomplished by heating the purée to 195° F in an open double bottom kettle, filling into cans, closing the cans, inverting the cans for a few seconds, followed by cooling. Cans should be cooled rapidly to approximately 100° F before they are cased and stacked into warehouses.

Guava juice and guava juice concentrate

NFC Guava juice can be used in the manufacture of a clear guava jelly or in various drinks. A clear juice may be prepared from guava purée that is depectinized enzymatically. About 0.1% pectin-degrading enzyme is mixed into the purée at room temperature; heating of the product at approximately 120° F will greatly speed the action of the enzyme. After 1 hr. clear juice is separated from the red pulp by centrifuging or by pressing in a hydraulic juice press. A batch-type or continuous-flow centrifuge can be used on the depectinized purée with no further treatment.

bulk organic pink guava puree

The clear juice after centrifuge or after press (and subsequent filtration) can be preserved by freezing or by pasteurization in hermetically sealed cans.

For shipment to overseas markets it may be advantageous to concentrate either the purée or the juice.

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